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  1. – Reset WIFI – Network Settings (Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Setting)
    – Connect via LTE / Personal Hotspot

    This will work.

  2. I recently had this issue for weeks – after several calls to Apple Support, I simply unplugged my home modem, waited a few minutes, and plugged it back in – problem solved.

    1. I have a problem with set up My apple i pad keeps saying that i can’t connect because of too many accounts have been entered

  3. I restored my iPhone via iTunes to fix the error connecting to the Apple ID Server, but it failed and I was lucky to keep all data on the device as I have backed them up before. Now I spot this article which provides other ways to solve it. Thanks for sharing. Although I hasn’t got of trouble yet I learned a lot. Later I wondered that it could result from my iPhone system glitches so I used a professional ios repair tool called TunesKit iOS System Recovery. Finally, it got resolved without any data loss. Finally, thanks again for posting this useful article.

  4. I want to erase content etc to restore but its showing me this message. How do i delete everything to pass phone on to someone else?

  5. After trying everything online-
    What solved the problem is: go to network and press (-) on every network connection there is. Afterwards go again to Apple ID and type your password and it will work (and then don’t forget to go back to network and add back again WiFi by pressing the (+) sign)

    1. Thanks so much for your tip. Is working for me. Like you just said I deleted all and added as new and then suddenly app store started working 🙂 Happy days xx

    2. Worked like a charm! Thank you so much! Been dealing with this for an hour and this is the only thing that has worked 🙂

    3. This worked for me as well! I had been trying different techniques for hours but this one did it. Background: I was unable to access App Store and or update any apps on my computer. When I opened App Store I would get a totally blank (black) screen. I tried using the terminal to remove my logged in account and then tried logging into Music/TV/Podcasts but that wasn’t helping. I could login but none of the content from the stores showed up. Removed the networks and everything worked.

    4. I just spent hours googling and youtubing how to fix this and you literally solved my problem in seconds. Thank you!

  6. Make sure APP setting turn on WLAN & Cellular Data. Go to Setting – WLAN – APP using WLAN & Cellular – Setting – Turn on WLAN & Cellular Data

  7. Check to make sure your device isn’t paused on your internet. I have internet down time for devices for my kids and when there is a problem with the phone it usually doesn’t have the right updates because the phone will push the update during a typical down time that I have set on the internet…usually at night. When I want to fix the phone, it is usually at night during downtime. The phone will show the wifi bars connected when I pause my internet. I often forget that the internet is pause for my kids devices because it is set automatically. It becomes very frustrating because I don’t know that the internet isn’t working.

  8. I did all these steps or the ones that needed to be done, I can’t sign out of my iCloud, and nothing to do with iCloud works. I can sign into my iCloud on other devices and its fine. my iPad has always been signed in and now nothing works, it won’t verify the apple id server thing, I wanted to remove this iCloud and use my new one, i had to make a new one for persona reason and don’t want anything to do with this old I cloud email.

  9. 1 Connect your iOS device to a pc to update iOS .

    2 Do this step. “If nothing above helps you, you may want to reset your network settings. Doing so will erase your network settings such as your saved Wi-Fi passwords etc. Here is how:
    On your iOS device: Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.”

    Boom !! it works for me. Thank you very much.

  10. This problem occurred after the latest IOS update? Is this connected? Ive tried all the suggestions but nothing worked? Any other ideas?

  11. still have the same issue, i sign out and can’t sign in again .. still have the same error: There Was an Error Connecting to the Apple ID Server

    1. Hi all , finally solved
      Just turn off date and time (set automatically)
      From settings /date and time
      Then change your time zone to any other country
      Example: if you are on cairo/ egypt change it to Alex / egypt
      This will solve the problem after that you can choose your right country again.
      Thanks and hope it will be useful

    1. Did u still facing issue or how u solve it. I am having same issue and cannot solve with above solutions

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