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  1. I Have been having this for about a week now. I Have tried getting rid of the Cookies and what not, restarted Safari, everything still doesn’t work. Did Apple do something to Safari? Like I Can use Chrome and everything is fine, but I go to Youtube on Safari and login and I get a blank screen. I am not logged in I Can see the page it’s only when I login is when I can’t see anything. Again not the case with Chrome. Does anyone one know what is going on?

  2. Safari 14
    I cannot attach photos into facebook, its takes forever to open any websites, i have cleared the history and still takes forever, its like something is running in the background making my computer run slow. We don’t even use this computer very much as we do most surfing on our iPad, we have att wifi which shows 4 bars on the wifi icon. Can the problem be to many files on the computer or in the iCloud?

  3. Hi,
    I have done all steps recommended, YouTube still does not play on MacBook Air. YouTube opens alright, but when I try playing a video, it won’t play, just that circle on the screen that keeps rotating. Can you please help me solve this problem.
    I am not computer savvy.
    Thank you,

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