How to See Which Email Address was used in Mail on iPhone

When you view an email in the Mail app on your iPhone (or iPad), there are many reasons you may want to see exactly which address it was sent from; You may also want to know which address it was sent to – assuming you use more than one email address like I do. Finding the email address information for sender and recipient is a little more straightforward to do on a Mac than on your iPhone, however, it is still simple enough on your iPhone – you just have to know how to look for it. In this article, we will go over how to find out which address an email was sent to, and from.

Finding the Address

When you open an email in Mail on your iPhone, at the top of your email is the header; The header contains the information about the recipient and the sender – the ‘To’ and ‘From’ information for that email. The following steps will tell you how to get to the actual email addresses.

an open email in Mail
  1. Tap anywhere in the header, and the header will expand slightly. The To and From information will change to a blue text that can be tapped.
email with the header expanded
  1. Tap on either the To or the From info to see the actual address.
  2. What opens looks like a page in your contacts. Now there are a couple of possibilities:
    • If, for example, the sender is not in your contacts, the only real information you will see is the sender’s email address. Done.
    • If, instead, you have tapped on the name of someone in your contacts – either the sender, or your own name as the recipient – a contact page will open with all of the information you have saved about that person (or company). If you have more than one email address saved under that contact, you need to know how to tell which one was used in the email; Look for a little rectangular badge that says RECENT. That’s the one you want.
multiple email addresses. one with badge

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