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  1. I downgraded to the free 5GB plan ages ago and have just noticed on my credit card statement i’m still paying for the 50GB plan – it clearly shows the free plan is ticked in my settings – how can i stop it and get a refund!?

    1. I have followed the steps set in the article to cancel my storage plan but it refuses to do so please help

  2. Need to cancel my iCloud subscription since I have a new iPad and no longer need the additional storage. Help

    1. The last paragraph of his article tells how to do this:
      If you want to cancel your iCloud subscription (meaning downgrading your account to the free plan), you can do so also. On your iPhone or iPad, simply go to Settings > Your name > iCloud > Manage Storage > Change Storage Plan > Downgrade Options > and then tap Free.

      1. What if you don’t have an apple device? I have no apple devices and want to cancel my storage subscription

  3. I really didn’t understand when i did this ,i don’t won’t this please STOP payment immediately thank you.

  4. Hi, i like to cancel my icloud storage subscription as i am not using iphone currently. Please advise how to go about the cancellation?

    1. I also need to cancel mine!! cant login as no longer have an apple phone and still being charged for the storage!

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