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  1. Hello,my Cousins iPhone 11 is what we think “dead”. The Lock Screen works fine but when you open it up, no button works. Not the off button, not any apps, but, you can swipe over and you can turn the volume up/down. And we have no idea how it happened! She was on it one second and the next her buttons just stopped doing anything…

  2. Brand new iPad. Logo comes on and goes off. Repeats. Have charged one hour. Have tried to hold home button and start button together. Have tried starting with iTunes. Can’t turn on.

  3. Hello
    Firstly my ipad keeps turning off with no apple logo but a loading screen, and then it turns on normally (still connected to wifi, bluetooth etc.) , minuteslater it does the same thing again and again why is this happening and what is the solution.
    Tried force stopping and updating apps, don’t work.
    I am suspecting a virus (although i checked antivirus no problem) or a cpu overload.
    Waiting for a reply.
    I may try to reboot after backing up…

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