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  1. My iphone 8 plus is stuck on the apple logo. I tried the volume the power button strategy, it didn’t work. It been stuck and flashing for the past 4-5 hours. I’m worried someone has tried to contact me and I haven’t been able to answer them. And I’m leaving for a trip in 3 days! If you know how to fix it, please let me know.

  2. Hello, So my 7th generation ipad keeps going to the apple logo and then like a black screen and it does that until it dies so i plug it up and then it will turn on and do it again it has been doing this for a week now i already tried to connect it to my computer and try to update it and that didn’t work i also tried to Hard Reset it that also didn’t work i watched about a thousand Youtube videos and all the things they told me to do never worked. So i need a answer ASAP because i use this to do classwork and zoom meetings that are important.

  3. I am the same problem and I have tried all the steps and also took to the apple store,
    and they said i is a hardware problem and this iphone just aa year and two months old Apple wants $349 .It is very disappointing, this iphone has no damage at all and stopped working in the middle of a phone call. I am convinced it is a manufacturing defect. I am thinking of switching to another brand

  4. On iphone 7 hold down/in power and vol down button with phone connected and itunes running.

    keep holding for at least 20 secs.

    it worked for me and now i am on update screen with itunes.
    Will let you know what happens..

  5. Hello
    Firstly my ipad keeps turning off with no apple logo but a loading screen, and then it turns on normally (still connected to wifi, bluetooth etc.) , minuteslater it does the same thing again and again why is this happening and what is the solution.
    Tried force stopping and updating apps, don’t work.
    I am suspecting a virus (although i checked antivirus no problem) or a cpu overload.
    Waiting for a reply.
    I may try to reboot after backing up.

  6. With my iPhone 7 I tried all the tricks and so I just had to let it flash the Apple logo for a few hours until I tried to turn it on and it just acted like it was dead so I plugged it into a power source and it was fine but I couldn’t get it connected to the cell service it just always says searching

  7. My IPhone 7 has similar problem of having a slow flashing apple logo screen (i.e. for 6-7 secs it is ON and for next 3-4 secs it stays OFF).

    I tried this trick. No use.

    What are the other ways of getting it resolved.

  8. Hi,
    Iam having iphone7 its not responding from yesterday the log of apple keeps blinging for 3sec and keeps on dark for few seconds and repeating the same procedure and the above tricks is not working.I just need to know this whether my can be replaced or it will be ready for me

  9. iPhone 7 screen was replaced. After I replaced it an made sure everything was connected an secure. Connected to a power source. It just blinks on an off with apple logo. Connected it to my computer to iTunes stopped blinking the logo just a dark screen like its not even connected to a power source.

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