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  1. On mine, the flashlight was always turning on without my knowing. It happened again today. My Back Tap was off so I went ahead and turned the other two things off as mentioned above. I hope it works.

  2. I don’t buy this ‘accidentally’ touched the flashlight button. You have to touch and hold the flashlight button for a solid second or two to access the flashlight, therefore just touching it briefly would not cause this.

  3. OR, it could be that the “Back Tap” is set to turn on your flashlight as it was in my case. I found that in Settings>Accessibility>Touch, all the way at the bottom. I don’t keep my phone in my pocket, and disabling the Tap to Wake didn’t stop my flashlight from coming on. It seemed to always happen while I was handling the phone. I noticed on mine that Double tap was selected for Flashlight. I turned that off so we’ll see what happens now.

    1. Thank you!
      The “Back Tap” was set to flashlight on my husband’s phone and he did not know. Your explanation was the solution. 🙂

    2. Thank you for this, it has been driving me mad for a few weeks now, and the only cause/fix that was being suggested when I searched was that “Tap to Wake” or “Raise to Wake” was opening Lock Screen and I was somehow hitting icon – which I wasn’t. It would just turn on randomly while I was surfing, playing games, etc… and until reading your post here in the comments section, no other site suggested any other cause or solution, I was ready to throw off a tall building until reading your solution… and it worked, thanks 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

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