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  1. When I send messages, no one can read it without using a magnifying glass. I have an iPad Air 4 ( new) and use yahoo app. I cannot find any settings to enlarge my print. If I go to settings in my iPad ( not within the app) I can enlarge print but that setting does nothing for my yahoo mail. Doesn’t change it at all. Also the yahoo app has no place within its settings to enlarge font.
    Basically I cannot find any settings in the yahoo Mail app.

  2. I can get to my yahoo mail in browser, but when I put I’d & password into my yahoo ap…it just goes back to sign in…it will not go through on my app….using apple iPad with yahoo mail app

  3. My Yahoo Mail is receiving and sending but I have to type in email addresses. It is not connecting to contacts even though in settings I have it set to do so. I have deleted and reinstalled the app and my Os is up to date. Any solutions? It is only on my IPad and not on my IPhone.

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