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  1. “I know it’s not opening, but you will see the Safari menu”–yes, seeing is all you can do. What a useless guide, have you ever had this happen? YOU CANNOT CLICK THE EXTENSIONS TAB WEB WHEN YOU HAVE A SPINNING DISK, MY DUDE.

  2. I can’t open Safari at all. No spinning beachball, nothing. First try bounces the Safari icon in the Dock, subsequent tries don’t even do that. Yes, I have previously restarted the Mac.

    I deleted the and folder, but the folder in the Containers directory was not present.

  3. The problem is “Safari won’t open on a Mac”.
    The first solution is “Open Safari on your Mac”.

    Who is running this site??

  4. I’m not sure which of the ‘Delete Safari preference files’ substeps worked, but something did! I haven’t been able to use Safari for over 6 months! I’ve been on numerous calls with Apple support and I’ve even reinstalled macOS, but somehow, only this guide worked. Thank you so much Serhat!

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