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  1. Disabling VPN worked as a temporary solution, to connect IOS 16.6 iPhone 12 Pro Max to an opel mocca car, so as to play music, in particular Spotify, but if this is now required in order to play music, (I had to contact Apple technical support only to be told to disable VPN) so as to play songs in a car via Spotify (they were even pre downloaded in a playlist)… then Apple ought to know it will be losing customers in the long term. They appear to be too much into collecting telemetry information. There is no reason why VPN’s must be disconnected even for a short while to play music in a car, especially as the songs were even pre downloaded and did not require streaming. What is Apple becoming, what is it all about? Good to see new cars having these music apps pre installed independent of Apple CarPlay.

  2. None of this has worked for me. Apple support actually went over all of these steps several times with me. My iphone will charge from the USB connected to my Honda 2018 Fit EXL but the phone is not recognized. I can play music through bluetooth connection but cannot get the Apple Carplay screen. Spent hours on this.

    1. In my case google map is not working as expected. It gives the gps signal for first 3/4 minutes. After that only audio works for g-map. At the same time same iphone google map( using carplay) works smoothly when I connect to Hyundai Venue – but does not work for my Honda City. Do I need to do something to my Honda digipad or fix has to come from iphone end – may be with later releases

  3. Had the same problem and resetting the network on the phone: Settings / General / Transfer or Reset iPhone / Reset / Reset Network Settings did the trick 😊

  4. ExpressVPN was the reason my CarPlay stopped working in my Toyota vehicles. iPhone 14 Pro with iOS 16.0.3 would not work with VPN connected. I spent days trying all other troubleshooting methods with much frustration. Thanks for the VPN comment.

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