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  1. Mike,
    I have been going crazy trying to fix my computer- i just read your post and realized that my husband had put a little sticker over the camera and that was blocking the microphone! Thank you!!!

  2. Enabling Dictation worked for me, together with using an auxiliary microphone through a USB port. Lack of input sound has been vexing me for weeks.

    1. Let me just add a exhilarating thank you. Computer can be very frustrating until one finds a solution. Very good article with detailed steps for finding a solution. I never would have thought of enabling dictation with you.

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    I just solved the exact same problem on a 2017 MacBook Air, which appears to have two separate microphone holes on the left side of the computer. After noticing that tapping the side of the case by the microphone holes generated sound (and level readings in system preferences) I followed the advice which I found elsewhere online and cleaned the microphone holes very gently with a sewing pin. Because I was afraid to pierce the internal membrane I inserted the pin only a little bit, less than 0.5 mm, and ran it around the circumference of the hole to dislodge the crusty debris that I could now see was in the hole. This worked perfectly and my microphone appears to be working 100% now after months of carting an external USB microphone around.

    1. Good advice. After reading your comment, I found my IMAC speaker holes on the top of the computer in the center (above the camera) and discovered my computer service technician had put the company repair sticker over the speaker holes. After removing the sticker, I can use the internal microphone. Wahoo!

  4. I just got a brand new JBL Quantum 200 and I Have a MacBook Pro 2017, 13″.

    The headphones work good, but the MIC it is not recognized by the laptop…I tried everything on this post and nothing works…just for a few seconds the mic appeared on the MIDI Config, but no more 🙁

    Please, help!

    1. I was having input microphone issues on MBP High Sierra. QuickTime recognized the input and could record. But Siri failed to recognize the internal microphone. I launched Activity Monitor and forced quit all processes with “audio” in their name. Siri immediately recognize the mike and responded.

      1. I have a pair of JBL 400BT’s with a similar issue – I can’t get the microphone to work all, although audio in works just fine. I used to try and test it, but when I did it came up with an error message saying “The audio track is paused”.

        Curious if you get a similar result.

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