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  1. Very helpful. Thanks. It solved my problem. However, I would have appreciated some explanation of what the various sudo commands did, so I could understand exactly how I was mucking with the internals of the system.

    1. Drag anything that starts with “Envolope…” to the trash. There are normally three of them, but there can be a few more.

  2. Dear Dr. Kurt,
    Thank you. I just migrated all my data to a new MacBook Pro with M1 chip from my old MacBook Pro and my mail search is not working now. I tried your method to fix it and it didn’t work but when I entered “sudo mdutil -i on” I was not asked to enter my password. Is it possible something is wrong with my system?

  3. After entering “sudo mdutil -i off -E” it’s asking me for a password. But I am not able to enter anything. If I hit the return button it says “Sorry, try again”.

    1. In the terminal, when typing passwords, instead of typing out dots or asterixes *******, it just doesn’t output anything. That makes it seem like it’s not “hearing” what you are typing, but it is. The try again suggests you typed something other than just your password followed by the enter (return) key.

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