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  1. Thank you very much for posting and sharing this information. iPad and other Apple products are very expensive and on top of that I was dissatisfied by the fact that they become useless if apps cannot be downloaded on a functional iPad. Backward compatibility is a must for customers and your info helped to get use of my iPad.

  2. I just followed #1 and got Kindle app to work on an old ipad mini running version 9.3.5…..happy wife….happy life. Thanks for these instructions!

  3. Hi I have ipad 4 with IOS 10.3 and cant download FB or All4 ITV etc as they all needed IOS 12 or higher.
    I reset my ipad with a brand new apple ID as my previous apple ID storage is full. Also I only use the ipad to authorise family sharing requests for my young daughter and to generally browse etc.

    The ipad works perfectly well.albeit a bit slow but it is frustrating that previous apps that used to be stored on like FB and all4 etc now cant be downloaded. Is there a way?
    Any help would be really appreciated

  4. iPhone is really hard to use due to many many requirements unlike androids… We should divert to android. It is very simple and easy to use…you can download anytime you want but here NO due to many higher version needed..disgusting!!!!

  5. It doesn’t work for us anymore using iPhone with ios 7.1.2. Lost hope…. Better throw away the unit even it still okay to use. That is why we want to update it using cydia but we can’t die to have paypal.

  6. This worked very very well!! Now I’m wondering how to change the Apple ID back to the owner without deleting the new downloads. Is this a possibility?

    1. Did anyone tell you how to do this? I need to know these instructions too, BEFORE I ask my neighbor to borrow her iPhone to do this too!

  7. Hi thank you bro, it worked for me but only for a couple of apps Duolingo it’s ok (they still have the older versions of the app, but Instagram doesn’t) :/

  8. FYI: I have multiple Apple accounts, one for each of my Apple devices. My main device is an Apple iPhone 12 ([email protected]) running iOS 14.X and an iPad Air running iOS 12.X ([email protected]).
    In order to use your method to install Microsoft OneNote I had to change my login on my iPad Air (Settings -> iTunes & App Store -> Apple ID) from [email protected] to [email protected], login, and then try to install OneNote and it worked just as you said. There was no need to change the Apple ID for the entire iPad Air, only for the iTunes & App Store app.

  9. This is absolutely genius and rescued my efforts to help a family member. For those saying this won’t work with free apps, you are wrong, although the OP wasn’t clear. Just delete the app from the new phone and re-download the free app. It will show up on the older phone as “purchased”.

  10. ‘Could you expand on “This only works if the developer of the app had not deleted it from the Apple’s App servers.” how would a developer do this? Is it a submission setting in iTunes Connect?

  11. This is not a good solve for this issue. Obviously, we are not just trying to reinstall apps that we purchased. Netflix, Sling, Hulu, Amazon, Amazon Prime, Youtube are all paid subscriptions but the app purchase is free and this does not work.

  12. You STAR!
    I just got my new (second-hand) ipad today and was feeling gutted as nearly ALL the apps I love and use a lot won’t install. I still have a few that won’t install and it looks as if I won’t be able to install Procreate for art. Thanks for the tip anyway : )

  13. These IPADS are useless once the IOS is unable to upgrade to a higher version. You end up having to purchase a new one, only to experience the same thing in 3 or 4 years. I wish Apple would make some way that you can upgrde an old iPad up to capability for a lesser fee then havIng to purchase a brand new one, while the current IPad works perfectly, but just can’t upgrade. I am literally throwing money down the drain as these Ipads are not cheap. HELP!!!!

  14. I try many tricks to update my iOS 9.35 to iOS 10, so my mobile legends bang bang game won’t crash, freeze and lag again but it doesn’t work I already watched many videos how to jailbreak it but it’s still didn’t work and now I’m mad what a useless iPad.

    1. yah I feel you. I got an iPad mini ios 9.3.5 and can’t download any apps. I gotta bite the bullet and probably buy a newer version…

  15. That’s the problems, i’m the only one who had an iPad mini 2 running on 9.3.6 iOS, lol. so is there any way to installed aps like google meet on my iPad, please help.

  16. What do you do if it is not a purchased app? Netflix, Sling TV, Youtube, Youtube Kids, etc. They were all on the ipad before but I restored it to factory to add a child account and to clean up the apps. Now I have a better running ipad for my son but I can’t add any apps.

  17. Hi, great tip, I managed to get ITV Hub back on my iPad doing this. Only problem now is that even though I have turned auto-updates off in the settings, the iStore still keeps offering me the update AND it starts auto up dating and ruins the installed copy. I end up ah I got to delete the App and then go through this install procedure again, about every 3 to 4 days. Any suggestions why turning off auto-updates doesn’t work ?

  18. what if the app has not older version compatable with your ios version?
    lets assume X app compatable with ios 10 and later, there is no ios 9 version, can you still use X app on ios 9 ?

    1. It’s a great method for installing, but not running the app, at least netflix. Netflix is only available on ios 10 and above (according to their customer support). So I can download it but cant log in. What a bummer

  19. I just wiped my iPad 1 thinking I could do this and can’t get even 1 app to install (like Netflix).

    Any other ideas?

  20. I downloaded last version of a purchased app to work on my iOS 9.3.5 but when it opens it wants me to update. Is there a go around. The “update” message won’t go away.

    1. Hey, Not sure this helps but when I downloaded on my old O.G. iPad I got prompted whether I wanted to download an older compatible version of the app.I said yep.
      I used the workaround described above where you download on a newer device and then download the *purchased* app on the old device

  21. How about apps not purchased? I am using an older iPad for my child and none of the kids stuff I can download on my iPhone are available on her iPad… thanks!

  22. Thank you so much! My 5yo accidentally deleted some apps we use every day on our ten year old ipad. Method 1 worked perfectly for us.

  23. There is a 3rd option. Temporarily use the Apple ID of another user (family/friend) that already purchased the app, so after signing in on the device with that user, the app will appear in the Purchased tab and then you will be able to downloaded it.

    1. Yep saying the same for me does not give the option to download last compatible version. App is an old app that used to work.

  24. Trying to do the same thing on an iPhone 5.
    This is just ridiculously, utterly stupid !!!
    I can’t believe I need to go to a friends iPhone, add my apple ID, download the app, delete the app, delete the apple ID, just so I can hit the cloud symbol in the purchesed section of the app store so it will ask me if I want to download the latest compatible version.
    Are you serious?
    Why on earth is that not just a standard option???
    Piece of shit, so much easier with APKs on Android.

  25. Thanks – I’d been messing about for an hour trying to get Apple Podcast App onto a old iOS 7 device. Worked perfectly.

  26. Please help, I added an app that is currently charging me $10 per week, and
    I never used it. How do I disable this app. The app is called Piano.

  27. this no longer works, no mater what i do there is no option to install an older version of the app. apple has made the ipad 1 on 5.1.1 absolutely useless. i think there needs to be an apple revolt.

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