Print Queue is Not Opening on Mac with Apple Silicon

Several Mac with Apple silicon (e.g., M1 Macs) owners have said that the print queue is not working as expected and thus they can’t view a list of items waiting to print in macOS. In other words, when the users click the “Open Print Queue” (or similarly “Open Scanner”), nothing loads. Being able to open the print queue is important because, if not, you will not be able to pause the printer or delete a print job.

If you are having this problem, the fix is very simple. This article explains what you can do when the “open scanner” and “open print queue” functions do not work for your configured printer. Here is how:

1. Open your Library folder. There are two ways:

  • Open a Finder window and select Go from the menu bar then press and hold the Option key and then click Library.
  • Or alternatively, click Go and Go to Folder… and type ~/Library in the dialog box, and click Go.
Go to the Library folder

2. Open the Printers folder.

Printers folder

3. You will see your printer’s app icon. Select it and then right-click it (or press Command – I). A separate window will appear.

4. Open the General section by clicking it and then ensure that the “Open using Rosetta” box is selected. And then try to open the print queue.

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