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  1. I am having this problem with the images on the local html after upgrade to Big Sur. Disaster. Apple is stealing our time resolving things, which were just fine before.

  2. Got there in the end! very useful tip. At first I took your example too literally (‘’) as it sounded like the kind of background site that stored useless data and bloated my computer. I did happen to have ‘’ listed so deleted that but it didn’t clear the problem. The thing to know here is that whatever site you could not reach (whatever site gave you the ‘KCFErrordomain’ message) – THAT’s the one to delete from the ‘manage data’ list.

  3. My website worked fine in safe mode but will not work regularly. I keep getting This Connection is not private and won’t move past this how do I fix this

  4. These steps worked for me, but a caveat. I used the search function to find the affected site, the digital loans section of my library website, and found one entry that looked like the culprit. What I did not realize was that there were two more sites I needed to clear, that didn’t show up with my search. I went back and searched for several key words and found two more sites to clear. Once I found those and removed them, problem solved. So if at first you don’t succeed, look through your whole list of websites if need be, or search on several key words.

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