iMessages and Text Messages Out Of Order?

Several users have reported that they have been having issues with text messages and/or iMessages being out of order. The last message may not show up at the bottom, for example, let’s say you send a message asking a question to one of your friends, and your friends answer quickly but the response is displayed … Read more

How to Mute Text Notifications For Individual or Group Message Conversations

When you receive a text message, you will be alerted with a sound. You may silence these alerts while your iPhone (or iPad) is locked, if you turn on “Do Not Disturb”.  You may also turn off message notifications by going to Settings > Notifications > Messages > Allow Notifications.  However these options will mute … Read more

iOS Message Notifications: Contact Names Missing

Some users have stated that text message notifications show the phone number rather than the contact name after updating to iOS 9. Reported problems include, but are not limited to: Only iMessages do not display the name Only certain/random contact names are missing How to fix missing contact names Here is how you can fix this problem. Please, … Read more