Messages Indexing Error in the Messages App, Fix

Most of us frequently use the built-in Messages app to send or receive text messages. Through the Messages app, you can easily share links, photos, videos, locations, documents and more with other people. This is also true for group messages. Group members, including you, can see what items have been shared. Sometimes you may want … Read more

Unable to Reply to Group Texts, How to Fix

A group text message can be sent to a large number of people at once. You can create group messages with your friends, co-workers or family members. This enables you to quickly send an SMS or iMessage to more than one person. Sometimes you may experience that when you send a reply to a group … Read more

How to Block Spam Messages from Email Addresses

Sometimes you may get unsolicited spam text messages, including iMessages and SMS messages from unknown email addresses. These messages are usually some sort of advertising. They can ask you to click a link to claim your gift card, change your online banking password or Apple ID password. And sometimes, they can be somewhat inappropriate. Of … Read more