Messages not Updating on iPad

Many people own more than one Apple device. For Apple users that have more than one device, such as an iPhone and an iPad, they can take advantage of what Apple calls its Continuity features. These features are separate from the iCloud features, which also provide an excellent way to seamlessly access the same files … Read more

iOS 14 Text Notification Not Working, Fix

Several users have said that iOS 14 text alerts not working properly. More specifically, iPhone users have reported problems with getting the notifications that let them know they have received a text message. This issue has shown up for some users after they updated to iOS 14. It seems that for many users with this … Read more

How to Delete Messages on Mac

This article explains how you can delete individual messages (including SMS text and iMessages) and entire conversations in Messages on your Mac. This article further explains how you can configure your Mac to automatically delete messages. Your Mac keeps a permanent copy of your messages forever by default. It is likely that you will not save a lot … Read more

How To Turn Off iMessage On Your Mac

This article explains how you can turn off messages on your Mac. It seems that a lot of users want to disable the Messages app because they find it distracting. You can use the Messages app with your Mac to send and receive iMessages, and you can also send or receive  SMS and MMS messages … Read more

Messages Won’t Open On Mac, Fix

This article explains how you can fix if you are unable to open the Messages app on your Mac. You can use Messages with your Mac to send and receive iMessage. You can also send text messages (SMS) via your iPhone, this is of course if you own an iPhone. The only thing you need … Read more

#images Not Working, Fix

Several users have said that they were unable to send GIFs and images using #images in the Messages app on the iPhone or the iPad. They have said that they received the following message: “Could Not Share Image. The internet connection appears to be offline”. See the screenshot below: Your iPhone or iPad includes a … Read more