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  1. It’s very sad!! Screencast-o-matic is probably the best app for doing and sharing quick screencasts … also for editing and adding music and then sharing more advanced screencasts and videos … AND for hosting business videos. If you are on PC, check it out, it’s great value for money. BUT SADLY on my Mac, it’s not so great. It slows down my computer performance so much that even the Apple techs thought I was going to have to get a replacement or a new motherboard … until I finally realised not only does Screencast-o-matic make Mac’s performance grind to a halt … with heat and racing fans… but yes it opens on startup and cannot be quit. The only way to use it on Mac is if you have another program called Lingon X which can stop it opening on startup. Then only opening when you need it. AND then killing it with Terminal commands when you are done.

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