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  1. I believe the problem is systemic, only Apple can fix it. The dictionary picks up from users suggestions, so if many users accept
    “child ‘s ice-cream” to be correct, when it should be:
    “child’s ice-cream” without the space after the d, then the dictionary will eventually accept the wrong spelling to be correct, and hence thats how language gets corrupted.

  2. I am repeatedly finding that my MacBook Air M1 spell check doesn’t work consistently on Word. This never happened on a PC. Why does my MacBook Air not hold settings of spell check for Word? Word settings are fine. What is it that makes Word not function properly on MacBook Air. Is it a competitive thing between Apple and Microsoft? It is frustrating to be always troubleshooting this, then following suggestions that don’twork sometimes. Other times it does work but then inevitably it reverts or defaults to dysfunction again soon after.

  3. Hi Serhat

    I’ve done all you’ve suggested above and it’s all correct, BUT apple Mail still doesn’t correct spelling automatically (It picks up some spelling errors, but not others. e.g., it won’t capitalise an ‘i’ if I spell it in lower-case, or insert an apostrophe when necessary).

    The spell correction works perfectly in Pages, but not in Mail. Is it possible, that somehow there’s a ‘user dictionary’ that has been accidentally populated with bad spelling? Is there any way to clear this?

    Your help would be appreciated…

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