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  1. I didn’t have luck like the rest of you. At first I just figured it was my hardware but when I look at the update in the app store, it says mine is compatible. So, I ran thru these steps and when I got to doing the recovery method, it still wanted to go to my current OS and no Big Sur for me. If anyone has any ideas for me besides buying something new, please feel free to laugh and point and then give me the advice. Thanks!

  2. Hi, I accidentally unenrolled my MacOS device from a beta as I was trying to update to Big Sur Beta 4. Now I am unable to receive updates. I tried installing the profile again but it just says that update is not found, requested update is not available.

    What do I do?

  3. I ran into the same issue as John Storm. I however did not use the command line to force the CatalogURL. I installed a profile using This reset my CatalogURL like he says needs to be done. I was looking to move to the Mac OS 11 beta 3. After doing that I was able to update. I am sure the method would be what John stated but in a different way if you wanted to not be on a beta. Thank you for the insight.

  4. None of these worked for me…

    I had to update the CatalogURL manually in the terminal, as it was set incorrectly

    It was set to:

    I changed it to:

    when I checked the software update section within system preferences, I could see macOS Big Sur available for download.

    I won’t tell you all how to change the CatalogURL, do it at your own risk.

  5. Excellent! #5 worked for me. I was also very frustrated with this and have been searching all over and trying to chat with the apple support. I am so happy that i found this site and thanks a lot for your suggestion to resolve this!

  6. Thank you so much ive been really frustrated cause i couldnt update my software and i feel you deserve appropriate thanks

  7. Thank you very much. I guess that Apple needs to know that fix number 5 is a major cure for this anomaly.

  8. I updated Software not knowing that I shouldn’t have. But my System Preferences still showing that there is an upgrade and there is no apps that need upgrading. I can’t get the red 1 notification to go away.

  9. I was so disappointed that I can’t upgrade to macOS Catalina since Year 2019, for the system keep showing *Update Not Found*
    AND FINALLY !!! This is my first time to comment, and #5 it worked for me!!
    Thanks a lot !!! You saved my day!!

  10. I assumed it was #5 for me as well. However, after I input the command into Terminal and hit enter, the act of restarting the computer indicates that the Terminal command is “terminated” by the act of the restart. Am I missing a step? (Terminal asks for a password after I input the command, but won’t accept any text)

    1. The terminal accepts the text but does not show it. Once you type something and press enter it will show that it comes out as incorrect. Type in your correct password and just press enter.

  11. For me it was #5, going through the terminal, that fixed my update issue. Thank you for posting this article. Very helpful.

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