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  1. Hi there I am able to put in the first word on Wordle but all the blocks are white and I can’t progress any further. All fine until yesterday. I followed your instructions but it’s still not working. Any suggestions?

  2. I tried this several times and it didn’t get my WORDLE back. Then I saw I had Block All Cookies turned ON and I switched that OFF. WORDLE is back now – thanks!

  3. Perhaps an addition to the fix, I find restarting the phone after the above fix restores the page on Wordle app, but never before doing this. If I just try loading page, still blank. Restart after above instruction and all fine including current streak!

  4. I have followed the instruction to the letter 3x to the same results: blank white screen. This problem only arose this AM. Last night I received a fake Apple e-mail warning of a virus or malware. I quickly shut down the device.

  5. Dear Handsome Dr. Kurt,

    Thanks for returning me to Wordle, I was close to a meltdown and to being ostracized from the family. Wordle has become an “ego” thing which must be exercised daily.

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