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  1. I had family members that were getting this same thing when texting me that my “Notifications are silenced”, & the option to send their message to me “softly” anyway. I’ve gone thru all of the tips I deleted all focus settings and never use the do not disturb mode. My phone is still giving my sister the same notification when she sends me a text. I have an iPhone 12, Apple Watch, iPad – all have no focus or DND mode on. How do I fix this? I do have a 8+ yr old MAC & old broken iPad that I’ve not signed into with my Apple ID. I don’t know if for some reason my old devices are causing this, but why with only ONE of my contacts- who is on my favorite/close contact list

  2. Found the fix for my phone on the Apple forum.

    Ensure all Focus features are turned off on your iPhone then go Settings > Focus and turn on “Share Across Devices” on your iPhone.
    Then from the same tab Settings > Focus > Do Not Disturb tap “Focus Status”
    On that screen, toggle “Share Focus Status” to On
    After that, go back to Settings > Privacy > Focus and make sure “Shared With” Messages is toggled On. Now toggling on and off the Do Not Disturb setting will work as intended and people should not see either the “notifications silenced” message nor “Notify Anyway” warning when the Focus is off.
    If the previous setting is already toggled On, toggle it off and then back on.
    Then restart, using this method, noting that there are no pauses or delays and all buttons should be pressed as quickly as possible:
    Press and quickly release Volume Up button
    Press and quickly release Volume Down button
    Then press and hold the Side button for 30 seconds until you see the Apple logo
    This resolved it for me. It is very specific, but I hope it can help someone else.
    Now when DND is on and the sender begins typing a message to me, they get the message that notifications silenced before they send the message. When DND is off they don’t get the message. Finally got this issue resolved.

  3. Does one have to be a contact in the recipients phone for the “has silenced notifications” to appear? Or, will this notifications show for anyone?

  4. Hmm, my phone is giving the “notifications silenced“ alert to my friends when I’m not in focus or do not disturb mode. I do have my ringer off, but no special mode…

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