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  1. I’ve had my family call me to find my phone and realise that it goes straight to voicemail so we tried a few more times and it doesn’t even show in my recent calls and I have no clue why somebody please help me I need to receive calls 🙁

  2. If you use AT&T Call Protect on your phone, check it’s settings. Mine was set for Fraud Risk, Spam Risk and Unknown Callers to all go to Voice Mail. This is great if everyone that you actually converse with on your phone EVER is on your contact list. If you only talk to them once or twice you probably haven’t added them to your contact list (Dr.s office, labs, salespeople that you want to talk with, etc because they may call from several different numbers). I checked this and found this was my problem. The AT&T rep that was working on the issue with me was actually on my blocked list multiple times. This occurred after the April 24th update to the software.

  3. I am not receiving calls from one single number. They go straight to voice mail. All other numbers work. This call is not blocked. My Call Blocking is off. The call is not on my list of blocked contacts. Please advise how this can be fixed.

    1. I have the exact same issue.. It is happening with doctors who are making phone appointments . The call does not ring, the number does not show in “recent calls” and the call goes to voice mail. The caller may have their phone set as “private ” or “No Caller ID”
      My phone provider cannot help me find the appropriate setting to change to accept these calls .
      Did you find a solution

      1. Every time my doctor’s office calls me the phone does not ring.The call goes directly to voicemail. My provider can’t help me.Help!!

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