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  1. I just had a problem with Chase Southwest Rewards which loves to cancel Credit cards without giving options for customer intervention on Fraud issues. (there isn’t always a fraud issue without any information it is yes or no) so I had an Apple card for a year withouit using it. Walmart was my first try – no go- The local Publix was no problem. With all of the discount stores in Florida and most other places Walmart no longer has a corner on the market so so long Walmart and Chase.

  2. Samsung Pay does work at Walmart. My wife is an Samsung baby I use Apple. It uses a Magnetic Secure Transmission that Walmart can’t block without blocking credit cards.

  3. Please write an article on how Apple put Walmart’s name in their WWDC 2020 Presentation…. Why would you high lite their name and website when they don’t take apple pay?? or is something in the works?

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