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  1. All IPads are freezing using Facebook. When watching someone demonstrate something it freezes up. Many complaints.

    Thank you

  2. Tried it all and it actually crashes the iPad. I have to enter my code to get back in after I get the black screen with the white load circle. I have the latest version, did everything about 20 times and still same issue.

  3. The full keyboard access fixes this but then breaks other things, like I can no longer tab around or select things. It’s annoying and I wish apple or Facebook would fix this.

  4. Thank you so much! Turning on full keyboard access solved my problem, I didn’t even know this was a “thing.”

  5. Thanks. Just turning on full keyboard access in settings solved it. The problem with Facebook only surfaced for me after last months IOS update, so that’s when it must have been changed.

  6. Turning on full keyboard access allowed Facebook to unfreeze BUT prevents me from typing in Gmail. So I have to turn it on and off for different apps. ???? Using Logitech keyboard.

  7. Wow, the full keyboard trick fixed the Facebook issue but messed up my ability to post here. I had to disable it just to leave a comment. I guess I’ll be flipping this on and off for a while.

  8. Turning on full keyboard access did the trick, thank you! However, now I’m having trouble with the mail app (Yahoo) not working correctly. I can type one word in the body of the email and as soon as I hit the space bar, all text is selected and the cursor moves to a previous field. When full keyboard access is disabled, this problem does not happen. So far I’ve only noticed this issue in the Yahoo mail app. Randomly, in Safari Browser, everything will get selected as well and I have to click off. Might you have a solution for this as well?

  9. Thanks. Brillian! The problem was driving me nuts, and all it took was to check access for my external keyboard, and yes, it had been switched off when I last updated.
    Really useful article.

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