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  1. I have had to reinstall the OS on my Intell Mac and it gets to the last 4 minutes of finishing and I get a message that states something like this:
    Could not install it due to something has gone wrong, please try again. No matter how many times I try I have not been successful in reinstalling the OS

  2. Thanks for this info, I work in IT as well dealing with a lot of Mac clients, and I’ve seen recently a lot of issues with Monterey OSX 12, and even after updates .2 an 2.1 as well , i.e. Track Pad stop working to point where I have to force quit and restart, then another where apps. both from Apple and 3rd party won’t launch or take a long time to finally launch, another where Disk Utility crashes while using, was wondering if you’ve seen or heard anything that I just mentions ?

    Because after I spoke with Apple, there telling me it might be hardware related issue because they haven’t heard of any of these current issue I just mentioned, not to say that it might be the case, but I always like to check with other IT professionals out there as well.

    Thanks for your time AA

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