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  1. I’ve struggled with this periodically for like 7 years. I replaced the wifi adapter and that worked for like a week. Eventually, I had a local MAC repair business override my IOS so I could update to the newest version. I’m now using Big Sur 11.4 and it appears to be working for now

  2. In my case, resetting NVRAM/PRAM and SMC did not help. The cause was physical – the cable for Wi-Fi card became loose. I disconnected battery power, removed cable, cleaned cable & socket, and re-installed. Voilà – working Wi-Fi again! This page has detailed instructions (note in my case I did not replace the cable, just cleaned & re-seated it):

  3. My iMac says no hardware installed but when I go to network in settings there is nothing there. Not even WiFi grayed out. There is nothing. How can add wood hardware back in?

    1. This was also the situation in my case, I tried a new wifi-bluetooth-webcam cable with no result so I purchased a second hand wifi card and up popped the hardware, connected solid without a problem.

  4. I’d say first of all check whether your camera’s working (e.g. launch PhotoBooth). If not, it’s a direct indication the problem may arise from the cable since it’s the same that connects the Bluetooth/Wifi card. Then open the laptop and check whether the cable is well connected to the board (in my case it was not). There, before any PRAM/SMC whatever reset, that should be the first troubleshooting step.

  5. My mac has problem with Hotspot and Im confuse of this…
    My phone is Samsung S8 and Im using Mobile data and share it with my mac wit Hotspot. And problem is there when I connect wifi to hotspot everything become slow and apps open with delay…
    I have tried different ways, Activity Monitor about cpu, memory and network is all normal…
    but whole system become slow, And when I just turn off wifi or disconnect it, every app that stuck in loading, open Instantly and no delay and lags on Os…

    how can I fix that?

  6. Ima cry like I need my laptop its part of me and this wifi issue has been happening since three days ago and Its to the point where im ranting in the comments desperate AF

  7. Finally after doing these steps multiple times I got my WiFi working only for the computer to later fall asleep and it’s not working again 🙁

    1. i’m trying several times but its not working!!!! 🙁 i feel sad because only one night i closed my computer and next day i opened it and surprise the wifi doesnt work!!

  8. Struggled for more than 3 days and decided to buy an external hardware and gave a last try and the step 6 worked like a charm! 🙂

    Thanks, mate.

  9. Saved me. I replaced my HD on a late 2012 macMini with an SSD, and also installed 16GB RAM. Got the WiFi: No Hardware Installed error. Tried everything all over the internet for hours. Step 4 is the one that worked. My late 2012 macMini had the sysctl.conf file. Once I renamed it, then booted up in Safe Mode and saw that it worked, I was good to go. The machine rocks quite fast now. Thank you.

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