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  1. Powerbeats 3 won’t turn on – Blinks white light 3 times and turns off
    My Powerbeats 3 won’t turn on, just keep flashing white 3 times
    I followed all the steps below and none of them worked.
    – Removed the debris and cleaned the headphones
    – I reset the headphones:
    Step 1: Press and hold the power and volume down buttons on the headphones for about ten seconds.
    Step 2: The LED indicator light on your device will blink. When this happens, release the buttons you pressed and the device will restart.
    – I updated the firmware version
    – I contacted Apple support.
    After following all the steps and without success, I did the following steps:
    – I took the battery out and measured the voltage. It was with 3.7V discarding the possibility of being the problem battery.
    – After removing the battery, I disassembled the entire phone and replaced the cable, the phone turned on and worked normally. The cable was broken or shorted.
    Solution of the problem:
    – Replace the cable with a new one.

  2. I had issues with red LED blinking when trying to turn it on, and no charging. I updated the software on the link you provide here as I don’t have a Apple phone or computer. Right after updating it said full charge and worked again perfectly.

  3. My beats will not charge or turn on. No lights or anything. Tried to reset and nothing happens. They worked fine I put them on the supplied cable with a beats wall adapter and the next day nothing

  4. I have powered my Powerbeats 3. When I try to turn them on the white LED light flashes and then nothing. I’ve tried resetting them and that doesn’t work. suggestions?

  5. When I was Charge my headphones the light was red and white one I want to turn on it doesn’t work what are you going to do

    1. Same issue. Tried all the troubleshooting suggestions. Still not working. Blinking red, white, red then blank, Red – white then blank. Occasionally I get a slow blinking red which use to mean its charging but that doesn’t last long and when unplugged from the power source goes blank.

  6. I have had these Powerbeats 3 wireless earbuds for about almost 5 months and right now they are not holding a charge After I have had them plugged in the wall charger.

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