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  1. My YouTube hasn’t worked for roughly 2 months now. Ive been to maybe 50 different websites looking for solutions to the problem and they all pretty much say the same solution that was given here. If anyone knows any new solutions I would appreciate it i’ve tried everything including clearing cache, restarting safari, removing ad blockers, etc. I basically erased all of safari’s information and restarted it from scratch and it still didn’t work. If I didn’t have extremely important files on my computer I would simply factory reset my computer at this point due to my irritation and inability to find a solution. Don’t even care about my YouTube addiction anymore at this point I just need it to watch lectures for school lol.

    1. I was in the same situation. I followed every step stated her (which are very clearly explained, thank you to the author). Nothing worked. I downloaded and used Chrome. Tadam!

  2. Please hurry up and get the YouTube homepage fixed on Safari before tomorrow
    I have been trying to open and it won’t open properly

  3. for me when i turn off adblock then youtube works again, it would appear youtube now has adverts that it wants to show to me, but its not in all youtube vids, so am guess if the video is monitised/ allowing ads then if you have ad block then it stops the vid working, that’s what it seems like to me – if i go into chrome there are no issues and i have ad block there too

    i wish they’d leave stuff that works well alone

    1. I turned off Adblock. YouTube was fine. Turned each component of Adblock on, and then Safari behaved. Something was tramping on code somewhere. It’s fixed on my iMac now. Thanks! (The other fixes didn’t work for me.)

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