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  1. Thank you for the info. I tried a few methods, only removing Outlook.sqllite file works for me. But when I restart my laptop then the outlook search is not working again and I have to repeat the step to remove Outlook.sqllite file. Is this normal? Mean each time when I launch outlook I need to remove Outlook.sqllite file first.

  2. Monterey 12.5, Outlook 16.66.1. Tried re-building (~5 hours) the Outlook.sqllite database, and initially Outlook search worked while Spotlight indexing was in process. After Spotlight finished, no search terms worked, but Spotlight can find emails. Something is breaking when indexing completes. So frustrating.

  3. I’m sure the last step would have worked but i just said ‘F IT’ and rebuilt the profile. Took maybe 15-30 to download 10K emails, probably faster than rebuilding.

  4. Many thanks for the help. The last option, quitting Outlook (for Mac) and moving the sqlite file out of its normal location, then relaunching Outlook to complete repairs did the trick. None of the other suggestions worked for me. I note that other sites didn’t include the sqlite option, so I appreciate finding it here, Dr. Kurt. (MBP 16 running Monterey 12.5).

  5. I tried 1) updating, 2) restarting multiple times, 3) ***inserting/removing Main Profile in Spotlight Privacy to force re-index, 4) fully manually rebuilding Spotlight database in terminal, and 5) removing Outlook.sqllite /repairing the Outlook database. I waited overnight to see if the search would come back and restarted, but Outlook still won’t allow search. Can you help me to search e-mail?

    1. Neil,

      Did you find a solution? I am having the same problem. I was wondering whether to factory reset and load everything back on.

  6. Will this work especially the second option with a new Macbook Pro 16 inch running macOS 12.0.1 (Monterey) and new version of MS Mac Office including Outlook for Mac 2021 16.55?

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