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  1. I purchased a brand new Macbook Pro (ordered direct from Apple) it’s been running great and today I updated (when prompted) to Catalina 10.15.6 and all my desktop folders have been replaced with (2) new items. One folder that contains all my other folders (OK) and an item (not a folder) called “Relocated Items that when clicked on gives me the error message “The operation can’t be completed becasue the original item for “Relocated Items” can’t be found”. What the hell does that mean?

  2. Catalina messed up my music library. Files ended up in “relocated items”folder. If you’re using Kontakt5 and third party libraries ,you might face the same problem.
    Unable to move these files into their original location I reverted back to Mojave.

  3. I recently wanted to download a home movie from my old iPhone 5 to my MacBook pro. I couldn’t find a way to do that. Now all my movies on the iPhone are gone! In the relocated files folder that appeared there’s a message that says files were relocated to the security folder because the files are not compatible with the newer OS. Where is the security folder? I searched this hard drive and found a couple security folders, but nothing in them.

  4. pawCatalina is the worst operating system ever spawned by Apple. I started in 1984 and user friendly disappeared with Catalina. I can no longer render MP4 Videos using Photoshop. Adobe has spent hours trying. I thought it was Adobe but in other applications that did render before, the same result happens.

    And so many other problems. Cannot delete items on desktop. Cannot move them into files on the computer HD. Cannot get Apple support personnel who know the systems problems and solutions. Spend an hour and they fail and set up another meeting with next level higher expert.

  5. upgraded to Catalina yesterday. Threw me out of e mail. received the relocated items folder which has no items in it. Lost my e mail folders as well which had some important e mails in – now gone and can’t be found

    1. Yeah, same problem here. Mail opens completely empty and gives me the pop up to add a new account.
      All accounts are missing, my archive is missing.
      I’m switching to outlook

      Apple, please get your shit together! Once a leader in user friendliness, now becoming more and more a drama for users…

  6. Can’t use my programs Dreamweaver, fetch, powerpoint, remote desktop connection also crossed out. Now what? Can’t work on website for client, can’t afford new programs.

    1. your programs are 32 bit , Catalina only works with 64bit
      Only option is to use a VM ware with your old OS and applications
      Or indeed update all 32 bits towards 64 bit.

      Its a sad reality bu all other OS systems will follow as 32bit is oldscool

  7. Apple was always famous for making products user friendly. They were the tech company that really cared about its customers. I am sad to say that is no more. There appears to be no one left to care about customers. Dumping a new operating system on users and asking THEM/US to find the bugs is the Microsoft way of doing business. This has never been Apple’s way until now.

  8. I hate Catalina. It has messed everything up. I don’t need it, and don’t want it, and wish I hadn’t upgraded to it. Is it possible to un-instal it and return to normal?

    Also: When I create a document, and save it, I don’t know where it goes to and I can’t find it. It isn’t in my Documents file.

    1. It is easy to revert back to Mojave from the Time machine backup.
      Instructions are on the net and are easy to follow.

  9. I loaded Catalina. Where are all my folders with all my documents? Lost my taxes, bank statements, charity papers, fundraising, etc. My HD has stuff I don’t even know what it is.

  10. I have recently installed Catalina successfully. But as I want to sing in to my iCloud with my correct username and password, I got “Verification failed. an Unknown error occurred”.

    I can sign in to my appleid via apple website, but in my Mac system preferences I cannot.

    I have even reset my password.
    I have used a VPN tunnel.
    I have tried more than 10 times in a row.
    I have connected to a top speed wifi internet connection.
    BUT non of above worked.
    help please.

    1. Hi,

      Catalina works with double verification and sends a code towards your verification phone number.

      Yet i have reason to believe your situation is resolved


  11. I had a few issues after installing Catalina. My dock disappeared as well as having a “relocated Items” file put on my desktop. I contacted Apple support (chat) and after about 15-20 minutes with nothing resolved, the session but with a message “temporary session issue”.

  12. I am having numerous problems following your Catalina update. Especially frustrating that I cannot either open or delete the Relocated Items file. This mysterious file also keeps sticking to my cursor, preventing me from using it, and forcing me to keep restarting my iMac.

  13. This is all fine and good, but I want to put those file folders back where they were on my hard drive. It says that I can move them just not back where they were. Well, duh. From now on I work out of a folder on my desktop. I’m sure there is a way around this, I just cannot find it. Everything that was on my desktop, folders, files, photos, are still right where they were and working. My hard drive has Applications, Library, System ,Users, and a folder with snapshots. The snapshots folder has two time machine backups that were made during installation. It is the same five folders. I do not want everything in the cloud. I do not have a business. I’m sure Catalina is great for the business world. I do not want to keep everything in a folder on my desktop. How to I change the location?

    1. The Mac HD is a read only folder, there is a Mac HD_Data folder that is invisible. I created a folder on the desktop called “Mac HD-Data” ( or anything you want) and put all the folders sitting on the desktop into this new folder

      I then dragged Mac HD-Data folder onto the title bar on the right of the line. If you dont like the way the folders appear , you can “control” click the folder then choose options to the appearance you want.

      Your docs are now hierarchical and can be accessed from one folder and at lease it hides all the folders and docs on the desktop into one folder

      hope this helps

  14. My Relocated items looks includes the following files:
    v Security
    v System
    v Library
    v Directory Servicies
    v DefaultLocalDB
    v vm

    As well as What Are Relocated Items

    Is this right?

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