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  1. I have been using Wikipedia for years, suddenly “Safari can’t establish a secure connection to Wikipedia” etc. I have changed nothing – no OS updates (using 10.6.8), no new 3rd. party software. Both my iMac 9.1 and MacBook Pro 7.1 are locked out of Wikipedia – yet my iPad Air II is unaffected.
    My Firefox browser also refuses to connect.

  2. So, why will Safari on iOS open a
    specific website, but Safari on Mac
    cites ‘unauthorized signature on Security Certificate’ & won’t open that same site?

  3. I performed your suggestions to the point and still I’m getting the same error. This is driving me nuts. This started after I reset my iMac to its factory state. I upgraded my system up to OS X Lion (10.7.5) I need full access to the internet in order to collaborate with fellow musicians in Facebook, Tweeter etc. Please help!

    1. Same problem here. I wiped my MacBook early 2008 and clean installed snow leopard and now this. Did you find a solution? I been working on this prob for days…

  4. Thank you so much for publishing this article! Turns out my issue was because of a third party security software I had downloaded. I got the issue fixed! Thank you so much again!

  5. If I clicked on a suspicious link on a text unintentionally but got prompted with the Siri couldn’t establish a secure connection does this mean that I have visited the website and I’m compromised or does this imply that I’ve not been on the site thanks in advance

  6. After a disk wipe and new install on iMac G5 ppc running Leopard.
    Safari will connect to google fine and bring up all search results okay. But any attempt to connect to any of the sites thereafter results in the error, cannot connect to server.

    1. I’m having the same issue after my reinstall of snow leopard on my early 2008 macbook. Did you find a solution?

  7. The thing is I am aware of what I am doing and I really want to hit that website since I’m doing testing … need a way to bypass that or accept the certificate

  8. Under: Remove cookies,cache, and other data.
    Will not allow me to remove a specfic website. I highlight it, click remove, and then done.
    It will remove from the screen and then sometimes comes back a second time to be deleted.
    before I hit done. The when I try to visit the site…error message is still there. I try it again, and when I go back, my specfic website is still there. Why won’t it disappear and stay gone? Thank you in advance for any information you can provide to help me with this problem. Ron

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