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  1. I am very sure, most ,if not all slightly IT-savvy users of iPhone would have tried these trivial steps [ Step 1 to Step 5] already multiple times with no avail before googling for solution and reaching this page).

    If you think this troubleshooting can resolve the video visual output object blacked out (with audio output as usual), you dont know what is going on.

    P/S: I have iPhone7 and I dont see “GPU Process: Media” as one of the option listed in “Experimental Feature” under “Safari” preferences, and most importantly, IT IS NOT A SAFARI THING. Same issue is reproducible from Chrome App and e-learning App too (but videos in Google Photos app was working as usual).

    1. Likewise here…already tried everything and continuing to have the same problem…

  2. I cannot seem to find any button that says the GPU Process: Media on there. It is completely gone. I’ve already tried all the steps. To note, I have an iPhone 7.

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