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  1. I think the grey bars are times used by each app that are running in the background – meaning not being looked at (hence screen time)

  2. As far as I was able verify, at least part of the grey bar can be explained as in this post, another part is probably navigation in private mode on a browser. In fact, this would make a lot of sense….

  3. In the last picture – you explained what the dark blue was – 32 of reading & reference, light blue was 19 minutes of social networking, and orange was 11 minutes of other.

    THE QUESTION is WHAT is the 4 and a half hours of GREY?? It’s a mystery that you have not solved in this entire post and was the preface with your first sentance.




    1. I have the same problem, the grey line is all the time I am not on my phone when really it shouldn’t even be there and then it says I’ve been on my phone for 24 hours which is impossible because I was only five???? Please help

  4. Unlike what this post is saying, try cross-referencing when you get notifications and those grey bars show up. I believe there’s a link as there is for me. My thought is that when you get a notification, even the light up or buzz of the phone triggers screen time during the processing of the lock screen notifications.

  5. This article is wrong
    The gray bar is time not accounted for by anything. Other is the small orange bar. Total up the time of everything in any list or category and it is not the total time

    1. Brad,

      I agree, I was trying to figure out why all the categories did not add up to what it was saying was the total screen time. I think the grey is when you leave your screen open and you are not in any APP.

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