What does Restore Purchase Mean?

While in apps or games, you may see a “Restore Purchase” or “Restore Purchases” button. This button can be found in the setting sections of various apps such as Disney Plus, Hulu, or Tinder. And you may wonder, what this button will do if you tap it. This article explains what Restore Purchase means and what it does.

Disney Plus Restore Purchase screen
Disney Plus screen

Restore Purchase

You are seeing this because Apple requires all iOS, iPadOS, macOS apps that offer in-app purchases to have a Restore Purchase option. You can use this option only if you have already made an in-app purchase previously and are looking to restore the in-app purchase.

You can purchase subscriptions with an app from the App Store to get premium features and services. And you may have to restore your in-app purchases and subscriptions and this is done by using the app’s Restore Purchases feature.

When you see this, it may mean one of the following:

  • If you have multiple devices signed in to the same ‌Apple ID, Restore Purchase will allow you to transfer your in-app purchases to your other devices without having to pay again. For example, if you make an in-app purchase inside an app on your iPhone, you may be able to restore that in-app purchase on your iPad. Or, if you upgrade to a new iPhone, this does not mean that you will lose all of the items you purchased on the old phone. You can transfer your app subscriptions to your new phone. Likewise, if you wipe and reset your phone to factory settings, or if you restore from a backup, you may be able to restore the items you have paid for to the same Apple account.
  • If you delete and then reinstall an app, Restore Purchase will let you maintain access to your subscriptions and other in-app purchases without going through the purchase process again.

What Restore Purchase Does not do

If you cancel a subscription, your subscription will continue until the next billing date. If this is the case, Restore Purchase will not re-subscribe you. If you have expired subscriptions, pressing this button will not reactivate your previous app subscriptions. If you already have an active subscription, you will not get charged twice by tapping this button. In other words, it does not initiate a new purchase when you hit this button. And lastly, Restore Purchase will not refund iTunes or App Store purchases and in-app purchases.

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