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  1. When I try to watch a video on YouTube it says Whoops something went wrong. This just started happening. I’ve tried all the above with the exception of factory reset.
    Is anyone else having this problem?

  2. I have the same issue. Youtube stops responding after pausing a video. We need to get out of youtube and then restart the apple TV to make it work again. This happens after watching few videos on Youtube.

  3. Reinstalling YouTube app or updating the app to the latest version is also worth being tired. if the third-part Apple TV repair tools are acceptable, then related software such as TunesKit iOS System Recovery, Joyoshare UltFix, etc to fix YouTube app not working on Apple TV.

  4. Well at least I’m not alone with my 3rd gen freezing YouTube. Has anyone else been able to fix this problem with reinstalling older version?

  5. This issue has creeped in for many users below apple 4k device after the latest tvOs update. The only solution is to revert to an older version that has been posted in the trailing thread by Mano piyapume

  6. Same issue. It is a pain because that is the only reason I bought my AppleTV to be able to watch YouTube on my TV.

  7. Everything was fine on my third generation Apple TV until I updated the software to 7.6 a couple of days ago. Now, it freezes when I hit pause when watching a YouTube video and then nothing works, not even using my iPhone remote app will get it back online. After a force re-start, I’ve gone into settings to unpair and re-pair my remote to no avail. Using another remote – same thing, using my iPhone remote app, same problem – hitting pause when on YouTube will freeze the Apple TV. I have another 3rd gen ATV and its working normally with software 7.5
    Is there a way to go back to software version 7.5. I tried a restore and even though it restores to factory settings it then re-applies the software update so its back to version 7.6.
    I can confirm that the remote is functioning normally with all other apps.

    1. You can go back to 7.5 using usb cable connect your Apple TV with Itunes on your PC. I have same problem like you and already fixed it.

      Download tvos 7.5 ipsw file fron this sites ” ” .Go to Itunes and restore your apple tv with this file .

    2. I am having this same issue and it has become extremely annoying and is testing my patience at this point. I did everything you have done and it does not work whatsoever if you pause during a video.

    3. Same here. I own three of these and the only one working fine was the one that didn’t get the update (I disabled it as soon as I realized this). It’s the 7.6 update for sure. I haven’t spoken to Apple support since I don’t have time to sit one hour by the phone right now. Restoring won’t fix anything as it deletes everything but will install update 7.6 again anyway as a default. We need to let Apple know about this.

  8. Similar issues to others. Lose ability to move between videos or back to the menus using scroll pad. Clicks to start video are not working.

    1. Possible fix:

      In the AppleTV YouTube app, go to settings -> linked devices, then link all ios devices that you own.

      I think that maybe(and this could be completely wrong) using a service/app associated with your Google account on devices that aren’t linked somehow kicks you out of your Google account on AppleTV.

      Maybe the explanation isn’t right, but the fix worked for me. Interested to see if it work for others and, if so, if someone else can explain why, that would be smashing

  9. Youtube does not work with apple tv HD remote anymore. Unresponsive after opening a few videos, it just stops working until a restart or close-open youtube again. Will NOT pause videos from remote, although iphone app seems ok. All other apps ok like netflix, prime etc. Only youtube has issues on this lame remote. Wish apple offered a roku type without a sliding trackpad, just direction buttons. I only keep it for siri, being neurologically disabled it helps a lot to reduce typing. apple seems to not care about these known issues, for years…

    1. I have the same issues. I can watch a few videos fine but then whenever I click on a video to open, nothing happens. I have the hard close the app and relaunch it.

  10. Youtube keyboard support is not working for the app recently especially for the Magic Keyboard. Which is ridiculous. I hope they update the app to fix it.

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