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  1. I blocked this number a year ago and the number just called me, FaceTimed, and left a message and it is also gone from my block list. Mind you I didn’t unblock this person I would never. I don’t know what happened can some please explain?

  2. I have anandroid phone and I block a number and then they call me 6 times a day and send voicemail. They don’t send text as that would be harassment in writing. I have told them several this is harassment that I do not want what they are selling. Why all the sudden are blocked numbers just a big joke on phone users.

  3. So I block a number on my Android and the next day I get a call from the same number even though it’s still blocked. Huh… Why do we pay for service and people still pester us. They can send a spaceship to Mars but can’t stop a caller that’s been blocked.

  4. Still getting calls from a blocked number. I recognise it so don’t answer but the block doesn’t seem to work 100%

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