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  1. Same problem happened to me with wtsapp … i tried a lot… i reset all the settings bt everything failed then i just moved to software update… nd everything get solved in seconds😊

    1. Same here. For months I have been struggling with app cellular data. Ive tried everything. The reset all fixed it.

  2. what helped me is not on the list here, it’s not about reseting network settings it’s about resting all settings. Then it should (at least it did for me) work again even if it’s a pain in the ass setting up everything it’s still better than a full reset of the iPhone. But a pitty that something like this even can happen.

  3. This started happening to me today after updating to iOS 13.7. Did not happen a few days ago when I was able toggle cellular data on and off for individual apps no problem. I did everything suggested here and nothing worked. I even tried to turn of wifi and just try to use cellular and that didn’t work either. Instead it ended up with cellular’s “uninstalled app” to increase even when I didn’t uninstall anything (a but that I had for many months). This is getting frustrating. I am done with ios 13. If this continues to happen with ios 14, I might just stop using cellular data altogether.

  4. This still is an issue sadly. I have done all steps in this article on multiple occasions. I even called Apple and they couldn’t help. I have restored from backup from the cloud and from my iPhone with my Mac. I have reset all settings. Well, all I left to do now is restore without backup now from my Mac. If that doesn’t work, I will have to take the phone back to apple and insist on another one. This simply is too frustrating to be dealing with all the time.

    Just to add insight and clarification to this issue: What is strange is apps cellular randomly turn off. Then you get the message “App is not connected to the internet. You need to go in and toggle back on the cellular for that app. But what is crazy and messed up is that the app still will not work UNTIL you turn off your WIFI! When there is ONLY data on and wifi is off – then the app will work. Once WIFI is back on, the same message will appear that your device is not connected to the internet. Upon further investigating, you will see that the toggle for the app giving you problems will still be ON under cellular. Sometimes deleting app and bringing it back will work. But sometimes not.

    Let’s hope a restore from factory settings without backup solves all once and for good.

    Hope this helps anyone else with this strange and rare bug.

  5. Hi, I have encountered the same problem and went for the iPhone service center, and they actually just reset all setting and then it works perfectly now. Feel free to try it

  6. Just leaving this note, I’m also experiencing this on an iPhone X, and Instagram will not hold its setting. Very frustrating.

  7. on my iPhone 7 my cellular data keeps turning itself off on my Facebook and whenever I turn my other apps on the cellular data automatically goes off on my Facebook app.

  8. My cellular data won’t stay on for the App Store. I try to turn it on but it automatically turns back off and I cannot access the App Store… I don’t know what to do. I’ve already tried all of these methods.

  9. I am currently using an iPhone 7 and this problem only occurred to me today. I have had this phone for nearly 6 months now and there have been no problems until now. I don’t know why it is doing this but I do know that I dropped it earlier when I was at school but I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it. I have tried everything to fix it but it still doesn’t work, I’m so confused, someone please help 🙁

  10. Yes my updated iPhone X bought in China connected to a German Account has this problem still it doesnt matter what you reset

    1. Having the same I’m using an iPhone 7plus the problem is that my WhatsApp,instagram, App Store, YouTube non of them are working the mobile data just keeps turning off

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