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  1. Resetting hot corners to “-” and then restarting worked! I can now use hot corners again, thank you!!!!

  2. If you’re using a MacBook, the easiest solution to this problem is to close the laptop lid and then immediately open the laptop lid again. Hot corners will work properly again.

    It’s ridiculous that Apple can’t fix this bug which has existed for years on all macOS machines. It’s really not that hard to close and open the lid, but sometimes I have to do this multiple times per day, even on a freshly restarted Mac.

  3. Hi, also looking for help with this. I keep fixing it using the terminal but it keeps happening. I’ve turned off hotcorners altogether, restarted in safe mode, but in a typical day I keep having to do the terminal thing at least three-four times as my hotcorners keep turning off again. Any ideas?

  4. I had been searching for days (Hot Corners problem). I have tried all kind of solutions. No chance. Eureka! You made my day. THANK YOU

  5. Following the steps here helped me.

    On your Mac, choose Apple menu > System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver > Screen Saver and then click the Hot Corners button.
    And turn off hot corners. For each corner, select the “-” option.
    Now restart your Mac. Go to Apple menu and Shut Down.
    After your Mac turns on, again go back to System Preferences > Desktop & Screen Saver and enable Hot Corners.

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