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    1. Although I’m sure many users would like this option, I don’t believe it is possible. In addition to using the System Settings’ standard list view to find things, you can use the search field at the top of the left sidebar or go to the menu bar at the top and click on View to see an alphabetical list of the items in System Setting’s left sidebar plus the items found under General.

      1. The new system setting is for dumb users. I don’t want a 19” or 27” iPhone, I want a desktop with a Computer operating system.
        This is the type of stuff Microsoft pulls, and it was the reason I switched to the apple ecosystem to avoid Microsoft crap. Now you’re telling me Apple is following suit? Ventura is now also bloated with vapid useless stuff. That’s why I reverted to MacOS Monterrey in my iMac, Ventura is unstable AF with averaging a crash every month that requires a reset. I swear this is windows behavior. When I ran Monterrey, I could keep up my Comp. On for years and I got 1 crash in 2 years of use. This thing needs to stop leave the laptops and desktop users separated from the phone&tablets.

        1. Sadly, when there is nothing to improve, they look to bad design tactics. I am unable to read the settings panel unless I change the entire system display resolution.

          With iOS, you can adjust the Font sizes for Only the System Settings app, thus fixing the issues of small icons.

          They need a toggle between icon view, and list view, just like before they had a toggle between Group view, and Alphabetical view.

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