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  1. After struggling with crashes on my iPad, I have followed your advice and did a reset. Thanks for the clear instructions.

  2. Thank you for sharing, after I force restart iPhone, the issue solved, but it happened again, so I used the Joyoshare UltFix to fix my iPhone keeps crashing problem, before factory reset, it is good now~

  3. I can’t backup my iPad mini 2 data to the iCloud because my battery was all funky. Kept going to 100% every time I turn it on and now it back to normal. Just one catch it kept crashing on the home screen even if I left it there for like 1 minute and then I see my iPad back to the lock screen.

  4. My IPad was crashing. Rebooting cured it for a while. Now I cannot even reboot it. Totally dead. 18 months old. Ideas?

  5. Well, thanks for sharing this post. I met with this issue on my iPhone 11 several days ago and this article helped me a lot. i also saw some people introducing other fixes such as restoring iPhone via iTunes, using professional iOS system repair tools such as TunesKit iOS System Recovery. Overall, your article is useful and I will share with other people in need.

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