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  1. Note: I fixed Messages with below. I have no Mail problem but this may also fix Mail problem if you have tried every other ways to no avail.

    For anyone like me who has tried everything on the net regarding fixes of this issue with absolutely no positive result, here was what I did:
    Computer:2017 iMac 27″ w/Ventura
    Fix: System Setting – General – Storage – Click on the “I” circle on the right side of Messages – highlight any jpeg in the list – Click on “Open Messages”. When I did this the Messages came back after one month of trying every other fixes.
    Hope this will help the most frustrated users.

  2. turns out, for me, it was email from – as soon as you touch it, mail crashes. -if it’s the top email – mail crashes on launch.

  3. The Crash Report indicated a stack overflow. What I had to do was -first- remove some of the mail content from Library/Mail (moved that to the desktop) to reduce the number/size of messages. THEN I deleted the envelope indexes as shown here. That got back working, but of course without all those messages that I removed. When Apple issues a fix, I’ll try bringing those messages back into

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