How to Get Apple Support to Call You

If you are having issues with your Apple device or service, you can have Apple call you. There are a few different ways to contact Apple Support. Some people may prefer talking to a support person on the phone. Support technicians from Apple can call you regarding the issue you are having to help you fix it. In order to do this, you tell Apple your issue and indicate that you want them to call you on the phone number you provide. This is a step-by-step process that ensures that your issue is correctly sent to Apple and that the right support person, who is specialized in your issue, can call you. Usually, within minutes, someone from Apple Support will call you and explain the options you have. You can also schedule a call from Apple so that you can receive the call when it fits in your calendar.

Note: If you receive a call from “Apple Support” and you haven’t requested a call from them, it is a scam call.

Have an Apple support specialist call you

Apple has a support website that you can access using any device with Internet access. Following the steps below, you can get a help call from Apple:

  1. Open a web browser like Safari and visit the Apple Support Product Selection website by clicking on this URL:
  2. This will open a page titled “What do you need help with?” that shows all of Apple’s devices, apps and services, including Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, AirPods, Apple ID, App or iTunes Store, Apple Pay and more. Select the device, app or service you need help with. If the page does not show the device, app or service you need help with, click the Show button; this will reveal more options.
Get help Apple page screenshot
  1. After selecting the main item, a new page will open, revealing subcategories. For this article, I selected Mac, and there are multiple subcategories related to Mac. If your issue is not listed, click on More to see even more subcategories. Some subcategories may have further subcategories. Select a subcategory and click Continue. For example, I selected Internet, and then I selected Safari.
Help categories screenshot
  1. The next page will show your support options. Depending on your category selection, there may be different options. There are usually a live-chat Message option and a Call option. Since we want Apple to call us, we will select the Call option. Under the Call option, you will see the wait time also. It is usually a few minutes. For me, it showed 2 minutes or less.
Call option page screenshot
  1. A new page titled “Apple Support will call you” will open. This page will ask you for more details. As I said, you can have them call as soon as possible, usually within minutes, by selecting Call Now, or you can schedule a call within the next seven days by choosing Schedule a Call. If you want to schedule a time, you will be asked to enter your available times. After you enter your preferred time, enter your phone number, first and last name, and your email. If you schedule a call, there will be a box saying, “text me a reminder.” Select this box if you want to receive a reminder before the call from Apple. After you fill out the fields, click Continue.
Call details screenshot
  1. And that’s it. The next screen is your confirmation screen. You will see a Case ID number. You can use this Case ID to contact Apple later. You will also see two buttons: Reschedule and Cancel. Apple will also send you a confirmation email that contains these details.
Confirmation page screenshot

Now, just relax, and wait for Apple to call you. In the meantime, you may want to prepare yourself for the call. For example, you can ensure that the device you are seeking help with is with you and that you have any relevant documentation available. An Apple representative may guide you through a few troubleshooting steps. If those do not fix your problem, they may set you up with a Genius Bar appointment or provide you with some other options.

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