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  1. Thank you! My curser was stuck in the upper left-hand corner and wouldn’t move AT ALL. Plugging it in with the lightning cable for a minute let the Mac find it again.

  2. Agree with the previous poster. That’s an awful lot of clicking and moving when one doesn’t have a mouse. All I can do is sit here and read your advice without being able to do any of it. My mouse doesn’t work.

  3. How can I do anyone the above if the trackpad isn’t working upon restart? I don’t want to attach a mouse.

  4. I have same problem. Mouse stuck in top left corner. I should have installed Monterey from App Store if I’d known. Don’t have another mouse.

  5. Try..
    Go to system preferences >accessibility and uncheck disable trackpad when mouse is present
    Doesn’t seem to work correctly and causes trackpad shutdown. Checked from Monterey install possible

  6. Hi, Serhat!
    Your articles are wonderful and very helpful!
    I, like many others, encountered a lot of problems with Monterey and had to reinstall it.
    But I couldn’t follow your advice about my unpairing mouse!
    You recommend to go to Systems Preferences, then click on this and that, but all one can do when the mouse is not working, is to stare at the screen and curse the unmoving curser (pun intended).
    Luckily for me, I had an old mouse from a previous computer (which for some reason paired perfectly with Monterey), and this old mouse helped me to execute your maneuver and remove/reconnect my original mouse.
    So there should be some other solution (besides lugging your desktop to a nearest Apple store). Maybe there are some keyboard shortcuts which will bypass the ailing mouse…
    Anyway, thank you so much for all your very well laid out advices!
    With best wishes and holiday cheers,

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