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  1. Helpful article. Good info here, thanks!

    However, I was surprised that there was no mention of Capital One 360(which is who I was seeking info about which lead me to your article). They are a pretty large bank.

    You might also want to modify a word in the following line of your writing: “A lot of major banks offer cordless [cardless] ATMs”.

    1. You should modify your comment “A lot of major banks offer cardless ATMs”.
      Eliminate “cordless”
      Why? What exactly is an ATM without a cord? They all have at least a power cord, not to mention a way to connect to the internet so there’s another necessary cord. Are you suggesting there’s ATMs that are battery powered? Even so, how does that contribute to this article, informing us the possibility that we can use ATM machines without having an ATM card?

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