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  1. HI, I troubleshoot every step and it didn’t work for me , finally , I proceed to reset the NVRAM and after restarting the esc key works again and it didn’t felt sticky to the touch again , I hope this works for you as well .


  2. I figured I would start to fix my problem by updating my computer first, but while it was updated I quit Siri and that fixed it immediately. Thank you!

  3. Thank you so much! Quitting siri did the job! I wouldn’t know what to do if it weren’t for your help, this was a new MacBook, and i was so scared something happened. I owe you man!

  4. Thank you Serhat, same as many users … Siri was frozen and force quitting it fixed it. I wouldn’t have never found the issue without this article!

  5. Thank you !

    PS. I think for the SIRI issue, go to panel ->SIRI to turn off and on it. it would work. ( as least it worked in my case)

  6. Hi Serhat!

    Thanks for this, it appears is a common bug for MacOS Monterey on their new devices with M1 Chip. It’s worth to mentions sometimes Siri activates by itself without any kind of particular trigger, just some sort of sounds. Seems like Siri is pretty buggy.

    Keep on going!

  7. Nice, I’m on an M1 mac and this article helped lead me to killing Siri to get escape working again. Not sure if I would have found that out otherwise

  8. I have checked and my esc key problem was related to Siri. I have tried to activate the voice assistant, but nothing happened, so I quit it from the Activity Monitor. After that, both my esc key and Siri worked as normal. Thank you for the help!

  9. Thanks for your help! For some reason I started to believe my ESC key was not working and tried to find a solution for days! Turns out it was caused by SIRI…. can’t believe it lol

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