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  1. I notice that iOS greyed out your Apple ID settings? When I open the Settings app on my iPhone, my Apple ID shows up as greyed out, making it inaccessible. And when the Apple ID is tapped, nothing happens because the setting is untappable. A greyed out Apple ID may appear to be stuck on ‘Verifying’. What do I need to do to be able to access it back?

  2. My apple I’d. iPhone passcode, itunes all disabled. It’s been 9 days and support says they cant tell me when the “servers” are going to get to MY restoration. Obviously I can’t get a code because i cant get on my phone. What are they hiding?

  3. My account in Apple store and I tune was disabled, I had problem with charges I did not use for vpn please I want to activate my account and only pay for I cloud and future buying please advice

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