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  1. I’ve been seeing this issue. I suspect it is related to new security requirements imposed on the Apple ID’s containing personal health information.

    People may have set up their watch with what was PREVIOUSLY a secure enough password, but now, it is no longer considered secure enough to hold personal health data.

    Officially Apple has requires:
    – 8 overall characters.
    – 1 uppercase.
    -1 lowercase.
    – At least 1 number.
    Apple help topic HT201303 also mentions, “Apple also uses other password rules to make sure your password isn’t easy to guess.”

    Password aspects which I have recently seen rejected by the Apple ID portal include:
    – using words or phrases included in the email address.
    – including your First or Last name in the password.
    – only 1 number at the end of the password.
    – just the number “1” added to the end of the password. More digits will be considered more secure. A year is 4 digits, half way to the required 8 characters, but the User’s Birth Year may be rejected.
    – repeating number digits. I have seen “PetsName2022” rejected due to repeating digits. Unclear if it’s because of the two consecutive 2’s or the three overall 2’s. Falling back to “PetsName2021” was accepted.

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