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  1. Usually I count on macreports reports for the best advice but you missed it here…. I took my iPhone off and put it in my pocket to spray on sunblock. Two hours later it had ‘permanently’ locked.
    Fix: go to watch app on iPhone, select passcode, turn off then back on again ‘unlock with iPhone’, enter passcode on watch (you need to be wearing it). All is good. No reset. No need to restore data.

    1. Aarrrgh! I thought I should be able to do this more easily, but didn’t figure this out and didn’t see this until AFTER resetting the watch. It wouldn’t reset on the watch for some reason. Now I find this! I’ve written it down though, so the NEXT time my lo with dementia keeps pressing the passcode buttons, I won’t have to go through this whole thing again! THANK YOU!

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